Booking Information

Bookings are available to members, member associates, member's families and friends.

We also accept bookings from non-members where beds are available, although preference will be given to members.

To make a booking... go to the Timberline Booking website.

Booking Secretary

Lisa Raper

0407 567 173

Booking Information - Winter 2024

Winter Ski Season Bookings open 15th March - 31 March.

The preferential booking period for Timberline Lodge members in now open and closes on 31st March.

During this time members can book their winter bookings using their 30 preferential bed nights.

Bookings for this period will not be confirmed until after the 31st March and payment is not required until confirmation is received from the booking officer.

All bookings will be on hold until confirmed and if there are oversubscribed booking dates for any period such as school holidays or interschools, a ballot will be held.  Successful bookings will be notified by 4th April.

Annual levy must be paid for the booking to be made and confirmed.

Booking Periods

Confirmation of preferential member bookings 4th Apr
Member Bookings 25th Apr onwards
Open bookings for all guests 25th Apr onwards
School holiday period (Vic) 29th June - 14th July
21st Sept - 6th Oct

Winter Season Rates - 2024

Shoulder season (early) Frid 8th June - Thursday 27th June
Peak season Friday 28th June - Sun 31st August
Shoulder season (late) 1st September - end of declared season


Season Shoulder Peak - Weekend Peak - Mid-Week
Preferential (30 bed nights per member) $60 $60 $60
Adult $85 $130 $115
Child $55 $85 $70
Student (of member) $75 $85 $85
Infant (under 3) 0 $0 $0

Cancelation Policy (as per Trust rules)

Eligible refund

4 weeks prior to commemncement date 90%
2-4 weeks prior to commencement 50%
Less than 2 weeks prior to commencement nil

Terms and Conditions

  1. When making bookings, you must identify in writing all persons to stay at the lodge, and guests must be identified by name and whether over or under eighteen.
  2. Cancelations for a booking... the following refunds will apply:
    1. cancellation four (4) weeks before the commencement date - 90% of the accommodation charge;
    2. cancellation in the period of two (2) to four (4) weeks before the commencement date - 50% of the accommodation charge;
    3. cancellation less than two (2) weeks before the commencement date nil.
  3. Weekend bookings must be for the two nights Friday and Saturday.
  4. Bookings are from 6.00pm to 5.30pm the next day.
  5. A stand-by rate is available. To obtain a stand-by booking, contact the Booking Secretary on a Thursday night only and any beds available for the following seven (7) days may be booked.